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Solar Transit of Venus
8th June 2004
Telescope or Lens
Celestron 80mm refractor and TEC APO 140
Camera Tripod and G11
Nikon Coolpix 4300 for wider field shots and Phillips Toucam Pro for close shots
Thousand Oaks Ha filter and Orion USA White Light solar filters.
Total Exposures L   R   G   B  
Sub exposure
Luminance 1x1
Field of view and resolution
This is a series of images showing the Venus transit across the Sun on the 8th June 2004. The first image was taken with a Celestron 80mm f5 refractor fitted with a Thousand Oaks Ha filter set up and a Nikon Coolpix. This was a bit disappointing as it did not really show any Ha detail in the Sun. Later images with the TEC were taken using a Nikon Coolpix and a Phillips Toucam Pro through a white light filter. There is also a montage showing Venus at different stages through the transit.