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NGC 6888, The Crescent Nebula
21st August 2006
Telescope or Lens
Toscano 8 inch RC with AP 0.67 focal reducer
Paramount ME
CS 10nm Ha, True Tech RGB, IR block
Total Exposures L Ha 140 min R 90 min G 45 min B 63 min
Sub exposure
7 x 20 min
9 x 10 min
9 x 5 min
9 x 7 min
Field of view and resolution
Approx 31 x 23 Arcminute. 1.18 Arcsec / Pixel
This is the first image taken with the Toscano 8 inch RC using a focal reducer. The AP 0.67 reducer seems to work quite well with the scope and gave good star images to the corners of the ST2000Xm chip, and a flat field. Some data concerning the images, and the scope was determined using CCD Inspector and can be found by clicking here. This image has been processed with a bias towards the Ha. Another image that was processed with a bias towards showing the stars can be found by clicking here.