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15th July 2006
Telescope or Lens
Toscano 8 inch RCT
Paramount ME
CS Ha 10nm and OIII 4.5nm
Total Exposures L 180 min R 180 min G 90 min B 90 min
Sub exposure
9 x 20 min
9 x 20min
9 x 10min
9 x 10min
Ha Luminance and Red 1x1 OIII Green and Blue 2x2
Field of view and resolution
Approx 22 x 16 Arcminute. 0.83 Arcsec / Pixel
This is the first real image with the Toscano 8 inch SCT. It has taken a while to sort out a few issues with getting my TCFS focuser square to the optical axis. It is very close now but not perfect. I would stress this is not a problem with the scope but with the focuser, as the original focuser that came with the scope did not suffer from the same issue. I am quite pleased with the image although there is a bit of a guiding issue as I was still in the process of sorting out the tracking of the paramount at the longer focal length. No problems just need a bit more care and attention to detail. Ha was used as luminance and red while OIII was used as blue and green.