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6th June 2005
Telescope or Lens
TEC APO 140 with AP 0.75 focal reducer
Paramount ME
Schuler 10nm Ha, TT RGB
Total Exposures L 120 min R 60 min G 60 min B 60 min
Sub exposure
6 x 20 min
6 x 10min
6 x 10 min
6 x 10 min
Field of view and resolution
Approx 58 x 43 Arcminute. 2.18 Arcsec / Pixel
It has taken me a long time to get an image of M17. This nebula is only available to my observatory around June and July due to its low position and my topography. Even then I can only image it successfully for just under 90 minutes. During the image gathering I was dogged by poor seeing as it is literally skimming the top of my garage, which takes time to cool. The RGB was gathered during June 2005 over five nights, while the Ha used as luminance is from June 2004. I failed to get enough good weather at the right time last year to get the colour. There is some slight deformation in the stars but not enough to worry about. At least I got it this time round.