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11th August 2005
Telescope or Lens
Paramount ME
Shculer 10nm Ha, Custom Scientific 4nm SII and OIII, TT Clear and Hutech LPR
Total Exposures L 110 min R (SII) 180 min G (Ha) 180 min B (OIII) 180 min
Sub exposure
22 x 5min
9 x 20 min
9 x 20 min
9 x 20 min
Luminance 1x1 at 1.56 arcsec / pixel. Narrowband 1 x 1 at 2.15 arcsec / pixel.
Field of view and resolution
Approx 41x 31 Arcminute. 1.56 Arcsec / Pixel

The SII is assigned to the red channel, Ha to green, and OIII to blue.

This narrow band image of the Eagle nebula represents something of an experiment. I imaged the nebula through a set of narrow band filters as I have done before, but decided to try and add in some luminance to see if I could get some better detail and bring back the stars. Overall I would say that the stars have been reintroduced and are much brighter and numerous than with normal narrow band images. The detail is a bit subjective. I think that it is a little better, mainly due to the luminance and the better resolution used to take the luminance images. However, I do think that a little bit of the contrast that is a feature of the narrowband images has been lost. I would think that this is due to the general broad background light that is captured during luminance / clear filter exposures.