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IC 2118 Witch's Head nebula
30th January 2006
Telescope or Lens
Tak FS60C with AP 0.75 focal reducer
Paramount ME
Tru Tech LRGB
Total Exposures L 180 min R 180 min G 180 min B 180 min
Sub exposure
18 x 10 min
18 x 10 min
18 x 10 min
18 x 10 min
All at 1x1
Field of view and resolution
Approx 160 x 122 Arcminute. 6 Arcsec / Pixel
This image took a long time to acquire. This is my third seasonal attempt. The nebula is quite low from my location and dogged by light pollution. Added to that the murky winter mist and poor UK weather have played their part. I started the image with the luminance back in October 2005!! There are still some gradients in the image but it got to the point where correcting them further was detracting from what data I had. Overall I am reasonably pleased, although some of the fainter nebula areas have not come through.